Types of Direct Marketing

As its name suggests, direct marketing is a type of advertisement that allows me to send information directly from my business to a potential client. Here are the main types of direct marketing strategies:

1. Internet marketing

In the recent times, the growth of technology has allowed me to reach to my potential clients in a revolutionised way. Through the internet, I can reach my potential client directly. Through the internet, I can provide my website users with relevant information about my services and provide them with details of where they can find me. I must agree that the internet has made direct marketing easier through offering a cheaper, faster and a potentially more profitable alternative.

2. Face to face selling

Even though this is one of the oldest methods of direct marketing, it has been able to withstand the test of time because of its effectiveness. For some clients, I still insist of face-to-face meetings.

3. Using Emails

Some of my clients still insist on the use of emails. It is considered a formal means of communication and through this; I can be able to brief both my active clients and potential clients about my services, my offers and other service reminders.

4. Use of Catalogues

I also do not underestimate the power of catalogues as a way of direct marketing. Through them, I can be able to reach out on specific customers about the services that I offer and that I think they might be of interest to them. The number of customers that reach out to my business after reading the catalogues is amazing. Generally, catalogues can be very effective.
5. Telemarketing

I have my group of people that I communicate to them via telephone. This is one way of direct marketing because it allows me to inform them about my new services while at the same time receive feedback on my other services.

6. Direct-Response method of advertising

This is another type of direct marketing. Here, I communicate to my potential clients through various Medias such as radios, magazines, newspapers and television. When I do so, my potential clients get my message through hearing, reading or seeing them on the media. The type of message that I convey varies from a thirty-second commercial to a sixty-second infomercial.