In as much as direct marketing has many benefits, it has with it its challenges too. However, I am not the kind to succumb to challenges but instead; I counter them by employing the following tactics:
1. I do not offend my customers

I understand that my customers are my bosses and therefore I treat each one of them with the respect they need. I avoid offending them by planning myself properly before the meetings, carefully identify the potential customers that have a high chance of accepting my services and using a good formal language.
2. Abiding by the law

For me, abiding by the law is a mandatory because the rules are set for us. Before approaching any potential customer or using any method of direct marketing, I first conduct a research so that I may have necessary knowledge on what the law says. Responsible direct marketing strategies are my top priority.
3. I minimise on wastes

Once I realize that a certain direct marketing strategy is not working for me, I leave it alone and concentrate on ones that are likely to bring me more returns even if they may be costly. Time is a factor too in as much as anything is.
4. Being organised

Direct marketing requires organization of the highest order. I conduct all my marketing campaigns with more purpose and with utmost professionalism. I know that is I deliver my offers poorly or confuse my words, it will not take much time before all the clients start heading for the door.
5. I research on my customers

With the vast experience that I have in the field, I know that little things can scare away potential clients. In that case, I conduct research on my potential clients so that I may know there likes and dislikes. This way I will be able to avoid trouble during the meetings.

5 tips of handling direct marketing challenges

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