I can personally attest that direct marketing works wonders and that it is an effective way of reaching out to the potential clients. Some of its main benefits include:
1. Helps me find new customers

Through direct marketing, I can be able to create a list of new customers that I want to reach out to. I can also compile or purchase a database of all of my ne potential customers for the purposes of effective business planning.
2. Allows me to reach out to the customers that I want

I know that not everybody will be interested or be in a position to acquire my services. In that case, because I invest a lot in marketing, I trust direct marketing strategies to help locate and trap clients with the most potential of acquiring my services. I therefore waste little time and resources chasing people who might never be interested in my services.
3. It makes it easier to make business decisions

Through direct marketing, I get feedback from my potential clients. With these feedback, I am able to hold on to the positive ones and try to correct the negative aspects. This keeps my customers happy while at the same time bring me more profits. In addition to that, I can track and measure the effectiveness of each of my marketing strategies. I can therefore figure out which one reaches out to more potential clients and which one is a waste of time.
4. It is cost effective

Direct marketing is cost effective in the sense that it allows me to reach out to more potential clients at a lower cost. I therefore get more returns while at the same time using minimal resources in marketing my services.

The benefits of direct marketing

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